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Kurset fem morgener for to til tre studenter


Beklager - Ingen oversettelse tilgjengelig.

During the five mornings course you will learn how to measure, cut, shape, file, solder, finish and polish silver. We will work on simple designs; a pair of earrings, a pendant, and a further design, of your own, to include the setting of a semi precious stone. I guarantee you will go home wearing your work and glowing with satisfaction!

Price 250 euros per person

Kurset ti morgener for to til tre studenter


Beklager - Ingen oversettelse tilgjengelig.

If you choose to attend a ten mornings course you will gain more proficiency at the basic skills. Week one, as described above. During the second week of the course we will work with your own designs more, using semi precious stones of your choice. We will cover basic silversmithing, forging and surface hammering techniques, as used in the shaping of bigger pieces such as chains, belt fasteners and bold concave brooches.

Price 500 euros per person

En til en fem om morgenen


Beklager - Ingen oversettelse tilgjengelig.

I do offer one to one individual teaching which allows us to be fully focused and cover more ground. This is a good solid foundation for anyone wanting to train as a professional jeweller. See the above five mornings course for details.

Price 500 euros

En til en ti morgen


Beklager - Ingen oversettelse tilgjengelig.

I would advise this one to one 10 mornings study for the serious student who wants to go home and set up a studio. We will cover a huge amount of ground, working on all the basics plus many other allied skills such as blocking and doming, wire drawing, forging, feed and jump soldering. I can also instruct in the inlaying of different materials such as shell and ebony and the making of the wire surrounds. I will also advise you on health and safety in the workshop and include a list of tools and machinery you will need for the processes we have studied.

Price 1,000 euros

Og noen andre ting ...


Beklager - Ingen oversettelse tilgjengelig.

Materials Charge

The silver you use will be weighed and priced accordingly. At this moment it is worth $29.15 an ounce Troy, about 21 euros, so its no big expense.

Follow Up

I am happy to help you with any technical problems you may have with your jewellery making, after your course, via emails and video tutorials, free of charge.

Courses at optimum times of year!

Some may think we have all year round yummy warm sunshine in the south of Spain, but it can be wet, grey and grotty and it is cold during the winter. So, although I am willing to teach at any time of year (studio has large wood burner) I would advise the following times of year if you are to also fully enjoy your free time and other activities here in the Alpujarras:

Courses available from early April through to end of October 2011

Health and Safety

Personal health insurance would be advisable for your time in the workshop.


Half of the fee is to be paid at the time of booking, the balance to be paid at the start of the course.


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