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Lo sentimos - No hay traduccin disponible.

The Bonnie Laddie came to me in winter 2000 having been badly beaten, which made him aggressive, and he was left to starve. When he found out that I was never going to cause him pain, he opened up and became the cuddliest and most fun loving horse I have ever known. Due to his past experiences he still has a hair trigger!

Mir arrived by way of a swop I made with a nice young bay mare I had but who Laddie didnt like at all so I swopped for Mir who was a four year old unbroken stallion with his front feet tightly hobbled together to prevent his escape. He is now a wonderful riding horse who is bold and willing and a great pal of Laddies!

LooLoo came to me as a five month old puppy and she and I didnt bond as I had to go to the USA for three months shortly after her arrival and she was looked after by a house sitter. Shes an old dog now, one of my best friends, and still wants to follow us on her short legs on a long ride and swim across the raging Guadalfeo River!

La Nia came to the gate wearing her collar and just stood there looking at me, with those gorgeous eyes of hers, for about a week.... I finally gave in and asked her if she would like dinner, she replied Yes! Yes! Yes! So that was that, and she earns her keep as she is a fine guard dog!

Tippy was dropped off by a woman from upriver. I was sitting in my garden when Tips appeared and trotted up to me, smiling .Having recently lost my Big Dog Rude to the wheels of a 4x4 there was indeed a gap! Shes like a teenage girl and gets into all manner of trouble, including chicken harassment, so I keep my eye on her!

Catty Cooty was the size of a walnut and arrived at four in the morning early September 2010 in the mouth of Tippy who nursed her all night, and when I found out in the morning, the kitten was all warm and hungry as a lion. I bottle fed her and now she is a very beautiful playful calico/tortoiseshell cat.

Dear Cat is tiger patterned son of Minnie Mee and was born on my bed and I said when he emerged from his mama, what a very fine little cat you are with your stripy pyjamas. He talks a lot and enjoys a cuddle.

Last but not least Minnie Mee, the cat who wags her tail and bites and who I held in the palm of my hand during a craft fair at the Camping, someone had thought it ok to throw her out into the dry river bed. I reared her in a shoe box on my bed so its no surprise that she turned out strange!


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