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Here are a few more designs

Mexican influence


Been a busy few weeks in the workshop. I have been making a selection of Mexican influenced silver earrings. Also been making a selection of silver rings and earrings for Fitch and Fellows Gallery in Thame near Oxford.

fused ring 2


silver fish brooch


This is a blocked and planished silver broosh set with ruby in zoesite, decorated with small fish! Where do the ideas come from I do not know, I just sit at the bench and there they come! I riveted the back plate onto the front piece, the setting as usual is made of fine silver.

Feb art works


Here are two new rings, these I made by fusing the back and the central spine, then rolling them around into bands and adding the other pieces. It's an exciting process melting only the top surfaces and knowing how far you can go before the whole thing collapses! It also gives a unique texture to each piece and sometime I add gold filings onto the molten surface which then you can burnish up as bright gold on top of the dark silver textures surface.I began cutting a sword /shard shape in 12 guage std silver sheet, forged and filed the silver spine, boraxed both, and fused the two pieces, you will see the molten silver running along the join just like solder. It makes an extremely strong union. Like soldering it will only work if it is a good fit between the pieces to start with. After making it into the round i soldered the join between tail and head and applied the 18 ct patch, punched some designs, and oxidised before lightly polishing.





















































































I added strips/bands of 18ct gold and a small emerald. I am working with strong shapes, anatomy, sinews, bone and structure, is at the heart of these new rings.These will last many lifetimes.


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