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Student from Wales


Amy arrived from Wales, she was an inspiring student because of her zest for living and her hunger to learn. We spent five mornings making silver jewellery and she went home happy and full of ideas. Here is what she said;

Here is the photo (finally!) from my time at your gorgeous workshop for your blog. And a few more from my new (getting there) workspace in Wales and some stuff we've been practicing with (went a bit ring mad)  (oxidising and polishing stuff is on its way, so not properly finished yet). My boyfriend had the space semi set up for me for when I got back from Spain, then we went on the hunt for a few things and ordered a few bits. There's a fair bit of improvisation with the set up and tools still at the minute but we have the essentials and we're getting there. Its been a nice space to practice in, and was suprised how much I had picked up when my boyfriend asked me to teach him some stuff. Its been sooo nice to be cracking on with it back here (although minus the sunshine and pomegranites!) just playing around really but we're loving it.


Anyway hope you're well. Thanks again for everything Rachel !!

Great creative fun


Had a wonderful 10 mornings of great creativity with my new student who was already making lovely colourful enamel pieces but who needed some inspiration and coaching in making the silver surrounds. She also made silver setting for stones, a silver ring set with amber, and two other pendants.




Here's what Cath said about the ten mornings course:

Hi Rachel,

Greetings from Inverness!  Thank you so much for the two weeks tuition recently, I really did enjoy the course and it was amazing to be able to do this in the south of Spain.  As I already had some jewellery making experience and opted for the one to one classes, it was absolutely invaluable to be able to specify exactly what I wanted to do  (in my case setting enamel work in silver).  Quite apart from the expert and friendly guidance in a lovely studio, it also gave me the opportunity to explore the wonderful Alpujarras region.  I can thoroughly recommend your courses both to beginners and experienced jewellers alike.  I learned so much and my confidence is growing with the settings.  Mind you, every time I pick up the torch now, I hear a little voice behind me ‘… templada Catherine, it’s not a hairdryer…….!!’

All the best
Catherine x

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July 13th to the 17th, or 13th to the 24th available!


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