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Garnet wrapped in gold


Sensual garnet wrapped in gold, bit like a turban bit like a crown... 

To the Moon and Back ring


Celtic brooch


Here is a large Sterling silver and bronze brooch set with agates

still here!


Hello all, I apologize for not keeping the website more interesting and active. I am so much happier making things than being on Admin on my pc! I had ocassion to make a very very small wedding band and it got me thinking in a more detailed way and also considering that some people do have small fingers and that I should really make the effort to make some small pretties. So, on I went and have been making them for a few weeks now. And I can see the image is way too big as per usual.... however, quite impressive when you consider the emerald ring actually measures 15 mm across...

Winter 2016


Here is a lovely slice of Bumblebee Jasper set in fine silver as pendant and ring.


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