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Day courses


I also offer one morning (three hours) workshops for people on holiday in the area. It is a tight schedule but everyone manages to complete a simple design and to go home wearing their creation! It's a lot of fun. Maximum number is three students, and an afternoon, or follow up session can be arranged!

Five mornings' course for two or three students



During the five mornings course you will learn how to measure, cut, shape, file, solder, finish and polish silver. We will work on simple designs; a pair of earrings, a pendant, and a further design, of your own, to include the setting of a semi precious stone. I guarantee you will go home wearing your work and glowing with satisfaction!

Price 250 euros per person

Ten mornings' course with week end off, for two or three students



If you choose to attend a ten mornings course you will gain more proficiency at the basic skills. Week one, as described above. During the second week of the course we will work with your own designs more, using semi precious stones of your choice. We will cover basic silversmithing, forging and surface hammering techniques, as used in the shaping of bigger pieces such as chains, belt fasteners and bold concave brooches.

Price 500 euros per person


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