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The town of Orgiva is a ten minutes walk, or a five minute drive away from my workshop and offers a lively high street with a pretty twin spired church, various tapas bars and eating places. The Baraka is top of the list, a Sufi run exquisite eatery, open mid day to late, only closed on Fridays. Orgiva also has an indoor market, also with a bar and a good bakers, and some interesting shops and boutiques. The local market selling the usual mixture of clothes, belts, bags and fresh veggies is on a Thursday morning and although our classes begin at 10 am, there’s just time to have an early scoot round and still come to class!

In and near Orgiva are a variety of hotels and hostals  to choose from, plus there are two camp sites where one can camp or rent a chalet. Camping Orgiva  and Camping Puerta de la Alpujarra, both gorgeous ( but I prefer the older, more established, Camping Orgiva to the south of the town) and both are easy to find online. If you want to practice your español there is the local cinema open at the weekends showing the latest films, dubbed, por su puesto.

Taray Botánico is a short way outside the town, and is a rather nice three star hotel with individual chalets also a possibility.

Glamping in Lanjaron is also on offer via Karen (I will get that link up asap)

There is an opportunity for the rustic lifestyle that can fit the younger budget and that is the Back Packers cortigo run by my friend Rita, a 5 minute drive or 20 minute walk up the hill from my studio. I am available to ferry you about if needs be, you can pay the petrol : )

Another excellent accommodation possibility is an air B and B nearby. Google airbnb Orgiva.

The elegant spa town of Lanjarón is fifteen minutes by car to the west of Orgiva and is full of hotels, shops and restaurants, should you have a car, this may be your preference. I can definitely recommend the shoe shop there!

Easiest option @48euros a night is the apartment over the field from my workshop, available by arrangement.



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