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Born midsummer with a pencil in my hand and a passion for horses, with the absolute intention of living from my art, in freedom, sharing my life with animals!


Seven Faces

Influenced hugely by Clint Eastwood and the spaghetti westerns, I sold my business and came to Southern Spain, near where the Westerns were filmed, in 1981, primarily to buy a Spanish horse. That, and a whole lot more achieved...... I rode that mare, Dulcinea, back to Edinburgh in the summer of 1983...... long ride long story!

My metalwork history, and more..

I went  to Edinburgh Art College at the tender age of 17 ,and after two years of multi media studies, chose to specialize in jewellery and silver smithing, a four year course, after which, I was awarded a further post graduate year.

Once qualified, I set up my own workshop, in Edinburgh’s Royal Mile, where I made unique pieces for the prestigious Scottish Gallery, repaired objects  for the local antique trade, and local churches, and taught evening classes in jewellery making at Edinburgh Art College on a part time basis.

I worked in London for a year repairing extraordinary, priceless artifacts, for Plowden and Smith, fine art restorers, by appointment to HRH her Majesty the Queen. Dega bronzes, Lady Hamilton's Jewels, Crowns, Inca gold, siege guns from the Tower of London, fine golden ornaments for Spinks of London, re patination of famous bronzes, the list is endless.

Next job was head of the metal department in Sheffield’s Granville College for 6 years, teaching various courses; Btec. 3D design, City and Guilds silver smithing and jewellery courses, coordinated City and Guilds die sinking/ pewter spinning courses and was industrial liaising officer to the local cutlery and pewter spinning industries.

I was stunt rider with the Devil's Horsemen, at the weekends, just to stay sane.

Back at the Ranch..

My other work is hoof trimmer! I started on the barefoot horse movement back in 2007. I had no idea what I was getting into. Hoof distortion, laminitis, is a global epidemic and things are now finally changing, veering away from iron shoes. Lot of police horses now go barefoot, with rubber boots for working on tarmac, certainly in the USA.

I read hooves, identify what I have to do to set them up to allow them to regrow as nature intended. Very satisfying work. I also coach. You can see my personal Facebook link, on the left of the home page here, where you can access my Barefoot Alpujarra page and also current jewellery work in progress at my Sky's the Limit Art Workshop.


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